Cutting your own hair, $5 hair cuts, hosting your own web site and $5 hosting are all bad ideas if your goal is to always present yourself and your company professionally.

Choose Razyr for:

  • Hosting in the fastest cloud data centre in Canada
  • Excellent access to US and EU markets
  • Unmetered and unrestricted bandwidth
  • Infinitely scalable storage
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Real time security measures to discourage hackers
  • Option to replicate your site in more than one data centre
  • Advanced backup options available
  • Encrypted access to tools for developers
  • Real time access to log files
  • Free migration assistance and ongoing tech support
  • Domain and DNS management

Developer Friendly

Razyr Secure Web Hosting provides secure shell access, SSH tunneling for database management, chrooted home environment, on-server SCM tools such as git and real time access to log files.

We support sites built using stable and well tested versions of Python, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB on enterprise class Linux in the fastest cloud data centre in Canada.

Web Site Security

An alarming number of web sites are hosted in environments which are essentially on auto-pilot. Unattended web servers and web sites have become a feeding frenzy for hackers and criminals. Many site owners are unwitting accomplices in schemes for identity and credit card theft, spam and botnets.

Razyr takes a proactive approach to handling web site traffic. We monitor access in real time, responding dynamically to most attacks before they have an opportunity to dig in.

Think of us as a few extra layers in the onion that represents the total security architecture behind your site. While there is no such thing as perfect security when you are connected to the Internet, Razyr has raised the bar substantially for secure web site hosting.