We go to great lengths to secure your email and block SPAM

  • Session Encryption
  • Bayesian Filters
  • Dynamic Black Lists
  • Honey Pots
  • Spam Traps
  • Adaptive Firewalls
  • Custom Scripts
  • Strict RFC Standards Compliance

Razyr provides hosted email accounts as well as spam and virus pre-filtering for existing mail servers. If we don’t host a solution which we feel is a good fit for your organization, we will advise and assist you with moving to a platform which works best for you.

We can help put email back at the top of the list of your favourite productivity tools. We will make sure you are using the optimal email tool chain and coach you and your co-workers in how to use it effectively.

Your Desktop, The Final Layer of Spam Protection

We make every effort to eliminate spam before it gets to your Inbox. If we filter too aggressively some of your legitimate mail may get blocked. Consequently we have to allow a small percentage of spam to leak through. If you are getting 10 spam messages per day, we are likely filtering 100 or more that you aren’t seeing.

Every user needs a spam filter at the desktop level to do the final sorting of ham and spam.

For MS Windows users we recommend eSet Smart Security. It is highly effective at filtering spam and protecting your machine against malware. Unlike traditional antivirus programs (that aren’t all that effective) eSet does the job without slowing your computer to an absolute crawl.

Secure Mobile Email

Connections to your Razyr hosted email are always secured with the same level of encryption used by Internet banking. Use hotel, airport or other public WIFI hotspots with confidence, knowing others are not eavesdropping or stealing your credentials.