At Razyr we create storage strategies and services based on two primary technologies.

Block Storage

Exclusively using solid state drives (SSD) for maximum performance and reliability, block storage is ideal for mounted cloud server volumes, databases and server instance snapshots. Think of block storage like traditional hard drive partitions – only with extreme fault tolerance and infinite scalability. Block storage is economical and seamlessly integrated into your operating system and applications.

Object Storage

Perfect for content delivery of large media or software, static or archival data, virtual machine images and off-premise encrypted backups of servers, workstations, laptops or even smart phones. If you are familiar with popular services such as Dropbox service, you are already familiar with one form of object storage.

Object storage is even more cost effective than block storage. With the right client application, object storage will feel local to your users and can appear as mounted drives or folders on servers or desktops. No more awkward FTP or watching thermometer bars while you move files to and from remote systems. Objects can also be shared with third parties using time limited encrypted URLs which can be easily distributed by email and accessible through any web browser.

Data Sovereignty

Razyr offers 100% Canadian storage solutions for instances where you have regulatory requirements or concerns about storing data in the US or on servers or data centres in Canada owned or managed by US companies or subsidiaries.

Content Delivery Network

For high volume media applications, CDN distribution can be activated for object storage containers. Your media is cached at multiple points of presence spread across the globe and traffic is automatically routed to the nearest node. Your effective bandwidth is increased by over 1,000% and the proximity of your data to global customers means less latency for downloads.