I've been managing Internet services for customers for two decades and have architected solutions and consulted on projects across a multitude of sectors, including: banking, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, health care, telecommunications, computer hardware manufacturing, labour, entertainment and tourism.

Having worked in the board rooms, back rooms and data centres of Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and numerous equally interesting medium and small businesses, I'm able to bring considerable practical experience to the table when I meet with new Razyr customers.

Over the years I have worked with a number of customers who had very young, talented software development teams. While there was no discounting their coding skills, their programmers often lacked experience at the extreme front and back end of the software lifecycle. Their strength was typically writing code, not architecting secure, robust, highly scalable systems. Nor did they have much experience in deploying solutions at scale in a production environment. Systems would be taken offline during business hours to do updates or break entirely when new code and database schema changes were applied to the live environment. When it came to Dev/Ops, they were heavy on the Dev, not so much on the Ops.

When you engage with Razyr in a consultative role, you are working with a partner who understands the cornerstones of modern IT infrastructure, scalable application design, change management and deployment.

Bruce MacKay Chief Technologist, Razyr Networks
I Docker!

Now with Cloud!

We work with customers to deploy robust, secure, infinitely scalable IT solutions. We work only with upstream partners and technologies which are truly "cloud enabling" and not simply "cloud washing" through new marketing.

For the uninitiated, the term "cloud washing" refers to taking your old products, adding any kind of minor widget that does anything at all connected to the Internet and sticking a "Now with Cloud" label on the box.

Razyr Core Competencies

New technologies such as Docker are revolutionizing how we build, deploy and manage IT resources, but they aren't applicable for every use case and they're easy to get it wrong the first time.

Below we list some of our core competencies here at Razyr and the technologies we work with on a daily basis both internally and with our customers. Internally we build everything in Python, integrate with OpenStack and deploy in containers.