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                ZD-D150 Automatic soft pack tissue wrapping machine

                ZD-D150 Automatic soft pack tissue wrapping machine

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                • Release date:2021-05-20 17:14:41
                • product description
                • Performance characteristics
                • technical parameter

                ZD-D150 Automatic soft pack tissue wrapping machine


                Main technical parameters


                Scope of application

                For packing facial tissue, h towel  napkin

                Feeding mode

                Full automatic intelligent feeding mode

                four-stage intelligent flexible feeding mode

                Designed speed

                160  packs/min

                related to packaging specifications

                Stable speed

                 150  packs/min

                related to packaging specifications

                Tissue Length

                100 mm- 230 mm

                Customize if oversize

                Tissue Height

                30 mm- 100 mm

                Tissue Width

                80 mm- 110 mm

                Formats Changeover Mould

                3 sets

                Buyer should provide the dimension scope

                Machine Size

                L4150 mm*W3700 mm* H1630 mm

                Machine Weight


                Packing Material

                Double-sided heat sealing CPP film

                Film Thickness


                Max Film Reel Diameter


                Reel Core Diameter.


                International Std

                Max Film Reel Width


                Compression Air

                 ≥ 0.5Mpa

                Buyer Self provided

                Power Supply


                State Power Std

                Total Power


                Total Power of main motor, servo motor, variable speed motor  heating motor

                Variation range of adaptive voltage


                State Std

                I/O Input


                Controlled by electrical system

                I/O Output


                Controlled by electrical system

                Motion Control Mechanism

                15 Axis servo motor positioning control

                By E-CAM curve motion

                General Transmission Mechanism

                20crmnti Mechanical CAME-CAM

                Device Color  Surface Finishing

                Dark Green, Static Spraying & Baking Painting

                Pantone RAL7032

                Packing Method

                3D Packing

                Film lap seal+ ends Gusset folding seal

                Product main performance description

                1) ZD-D150 model wrapping machine is suitable for fully automated single-pack facial tissue, kitchen paper, hand towel, square tissue,  napkins with film.

                2) The whole machine adopts 15 sets of absolute servo drive control method, which have the advantages of complete running function configuration, high use efficiency, simple operation, wide range of specifications, fast specification conversion, convenient maintenance,  low cost of use.

                3) Basic operating function configuration: automatic tissue shaping function, automatic detection  speed reduction function of paper towel incoming material flow, automatic alarm  shutdown function for double-pack feeding, automatic alarm  shutdown function of feeding rod jam, automatic detection  alarm of paper towel height Shutdown function, automatic detection function of roll film consumption, automatic alarm  shutdown function when the lower film unit is blocked, paper hook shaping function, jog operation function, linkage operation function

                4) Using 15-axis full servo motion control system, the stable speed can reach 150 packs/min.



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