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                F-T3 Full Automatic Toilet Roll  Kitchen Towel Bundling Packing Machine

                F-T3 Full Automatic Toilet Roll Kitchen Towel Bundling Packing Machine

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                • Release date:2020-12-08 18:05:45
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                F-T3 model packing machine is to pack toilet paper rolls  kitchen towel in a bundle. It has stable performance  is easy to operate.


                1)The double-layer packaging machine provides a variety of packaging configurations for toilet roll  kitchen towel, which is suitable for automatically producing toilet paper  kitchen paper in all directions with 1 layer  2 layers.

                2)Using pre-made bags as packing material.

                3)The innovative infeeding design: the rolls are launched in the number of lanes according to packaging configuration needed, which is set by HMI, in the single layer  double layers into in-feed section. Carbon bars convey the group of rolls on the board, in  the rolls are waiting for the pushing device push them into the pre-made bag. 

                Rolls launcher includes 4 "dousers", each servo motorized, to realize  1 to 4 lanes pack configuration. Servo motors provide counting of the exact number of rolls in order to create desired pack configuration  a specific control-loop system checks the exact roll length adjusting speed/position during the machine cycle.

                Layer system controlled by servos  runs automatically according to the packaging configurations selected on HMI. This design realizes formats changing of different configurations  1 to 4 channels, 1 to 2 layers freely  quickly. It also ensures that the distribution of paper rolls of various packaging configurations is accurate during operating in high speed  there will be no paper getting stuck situation.

                4)Adopting automatic servo control system, all motions  functions are fully controlled by 19 independent servo axis.

                5)Humanized HMI assists the operation of machine  conversion of speed  configurations. Alternative options for many packaging configurations show on HMI.

                6)The innovative design of the heat-sealing system makes the heating uniform  stable, to ensure the bag sealing in great quality.

                7)The use of motor adjustment is convenient  quick. Format changing is extremely easy  fast.

                8) A new  better bags loading  opening system is designed for the packaging machine to ensure that the operation speed can be achieved more than 25 bags/min  more when packaging a large configuration. The cost of machine maintenance is very low,  the machine is small, occupying less area.




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