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                ZD-C25 facial tissue bundling packing machine

                ZD-C25 facial tissue bundling packing machine

                • category:Facial tissue machinery
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                • Release date:2021-05-18 09:47:08
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                This medium bag packing machine has mature technology, high performance  easy operation. It can be used to pack different sizes of puff paper, wet paper towel  napkin.


                (1) Adopting servo drive, touch screen  PLC control system, parameter setting is convenient  fast.

                (2) Material management, bag opening, packing, angle inserting, sealing, automatic operation

                (3) Various packaging specifications  sizes can be freely  quickly converted,  the change time is less than 5 minutes

                (4) The world's first flip bag mechanism, making the machine smaller, lower energy consumption.

                (5) Packaging materials: PE, PP, PPE, OPP, CPP, Pt prefabricated bags.



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