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                ZD-FB180 Facial tissue single pack wrapper

                ZD-FB180 Facial tissue single pack wrapper

                • category:Facial tissue machinery
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                • Release date:2021-05-18 09:47:47
                • product description
                • Performance characteristics
                • technical parameter

                1)It is capable of wrapping facial tissue, napkin  hand paper towel.

                2)Tissue feeding function is controlled by various frequency motor. Film holes punching, film release positioning, film cutting, form-fill-seal are all servo driven  controlled. With high motion configurations, it is high efficient, easily operated  high flexibility. Fast formats changeover, conveniently maintained  cost-effective.

                3)Total 11 highlighted configurations: tissue alignment function, overflow product jam avoidance function, electronic correction function, tooling re-use function, motion speed auto adjusted function, tissue over length protection function, tissue over width protection function, flight sticks magnetic clutch protection function, heat resistant belt protection function, tissue hook reshaping function, infeed overload clutch protection function.

                4)Max capacity of up to 100 packs per minute


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