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                Non-Stop Rewinding Machine

                Non-Stop Rewinding Machine

                • category:Tissue paper rolls machinery
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                • Release date:2020-12-18 18:10:53
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                1)Gluing blade system is used in F-20 tail sealer: the system perfectly improves the sealing of tissue rolls  reduces glue waste, making machine easy to clean  maintain.

                2)The equipment has the function of reel breaking  reel end detection, equipped with automatic alarm, decelerating  stop device.

                3)Accumulator:  When accumulator is overloaded  undersupplied, it will automatically stop.

                4)It uses Programmable Control System, frequency converter to adjust speed, electronic brake  Human Machine Interface. There is mechanical speed adjustment for unwinding back stands which is based on the stretching  tension of the raw paper. Enable the equipment to operate under optimal condition



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