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                ZD-J25A bundling packing machine

                ZD-J25A bundling packing machine

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                • Release date:2020-09-23 16:11:31
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                ZD-J25A model packing machine is to pack toilet paper rolls kitchen towel in a bundle. It has small structure, stable performance is easy to operate.


                1)It adopts full servo technology, touch screen PLC control system. Parameters can be set conveniently quickly. Machine Automatically completes whole process the automatic feeding, arranging, wrapping sealing. Running in a high speed no pollution. 

                2)This machine is designed to have various specifications format changeover between toilet roll kitchen towel with advanced double layers arrangement system.

                3)The machine is designed to have quick flexible format changeover.

                4)With the patent of flipping technology, the device becomes smaller, saving room saving energy.

                5)Maximum lanes: 3channels; layer:supporting one layer two layers.

                6)Packing material:  PE, PP, PPE, OPP, CPP, PT Precast bag. Finished product can be with handle without handle.





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