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                F-T8 rolls wrapper

                F-T8 rolls wrapper

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                • Release date:2020-12-08 18:12:13
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                The wrapper F-T8 is our latest design  most advanced machine for packaging toilet tissue  kitchen towel rolls with a wide range of wrapping configuration. It is a new generation wrapper with high production speed. F-T8 allows to maintain perfect shape of the packs, even when running on speeds above 140 pack/min at the same time grants extremely easy  fast changeover time.



                1 )   The double-layer wrapper provides a variety of packaging configurations for toilet roll  kitchen towel. Fully automatic high speed multi-pack film wrapper for toilet roll  kitchen towel,possesses a full range production in 1, 2layers.

                2 )  This wrapper is easy to operate. It is fully servo driven, controlled by the most advanced motion controller SIMOTION D, which allows an extremely reliable production process.The output speed can reach 160 packs/min which gives customers the leading edge for high quality package in high speed.

                3 )  User friendly HMI with aided operation & changeovers, variety of packaging configurations are available. This wrapper is designed have all kinds of packaging configurations according to customers’ requirements.

                4 ) Optional for 5 lanes infeed function  vertical toilet rolls configuration.

                5 ) Selecting bearings, reducers, guide rails, sliders,  various photoelectric are chosen  the world's well-known brands. At the same time, rugged components are used in all areas to reduce vibration  ensure long-term reliability

                6 )  This wrapper can pack perfectly even running in high speed.

                7 ) The use of motor adjustment is convenient  quick, providing an extremely easy  quick format changeover.




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