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                Liuzhou ZODE Machinery Sci-Tech Co., Ltd

                Add: No.2 Building, No.2, Herun Road, Yanghe Industrial New District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China

                Phone: +86 772-8851091 

                Fax:+86 772-2992684

                E-mail: zode@zode.cn

                The?13th?International Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue & Packaging Industry

                2021-08-11 15:36:17

                Event name: Paper Middle East

                Content: The 13th International Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue & Packaging Industry

                Date: 4,5,6 September 2021 

                Location: Cairo, Egypt (Egypt International Exhibition Center)

                Welcome to visit us at Booth B7-4, Hall3

                Why PAPER-ME?

                * PAPAR ME Exhibition is the premiere event in Africa & MENA region for pulp, paper, tissue, paper board making products industries.

                * The only international paper exhibition sponsored supported by all paper industry-related governmental departments nationwide trade associations of Egypt.

                * The most important specialized fair for the global paper, paperboard, tissue converting industry, you will find all nations customers all over the world as well as the MENA region Arabian countries with high purchasing decision making power in one place.

                * PAPAR ME Exhibition will be held In Egypt which is at the heart of MENA region – excellent accessibility. The Cairo International Conference Centre ( CICC ) is the FIRST comprehensive conference centre in the country, over 30 hectares of it. the Centre is a mere ten minute drive Cairo International Airport, a short drive any one of several five star hotels.

                * You will have the opportunity to cultivate professional relationships with top level executives MENA region & North Africa’s paper mills who have the authority budgets to purchase your products services.

                * In order to meet increasing demand, Arabian paper mills must have the latest greatest products services that you as a supplier have to offer to keep paper mills running effectively efficiently.

                * Enhance your corporate image in the MENA region & North Africa region Meet all its key market players.

                * Companies around the world already recognize the growth in the MENA region paper industry – Don’t let your competition capitalize on your potential opportunities.


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