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                What equipment does the whole automatic toilet paper production line include

                2020-05-19 14:29:31

                The automatic toilet paper production line  only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also saves labor  reduces the production cost. This has prompted many toilet paper processing enterprises to slowly switch to the selection of toilet paper assembly line equipment. What machines are included in a set of automatic toilet paper production line?

                Automatic toilet paper rewinder

                The whole process of paper rolling  rewinding is automatically controlled by PLC!

                Rotary automatic paper cutter

                The rotary paper cutter is used with automatic toilet paper rewinder. The whole machine has strong mechanism, beautiful design, accurate cutting action  smooth paper rolling section. Compared with the ordinary paper cutter, it has high speed  strong stability. It can cut 50-70 per minute stably. It can be used for many purposes. It can cut round roll toilet paper, flat roll toilet paper  draw paper.

                Automatic tissue packaging machine

                Automatic toilet paper packaging machine with rotary automatic paper cutter is used to automatically bag  seal the slitted toilet paper. The machine is controlled by PLC controller  servo motor. The whole machine is designed reasonably, processed finely  uses domestic  foreign components. It has the characteristics of convenient configuration, mature  stable performance  wide applicability.

                The price of a set of automatic toilet paper production line is relatively expensive, which is mainly applicable to friends who have stable sales channels  sufficient funds; for friends who are ready to do toilet paper processing, it is  recommended to choose toilet paper production line. After all, it is too strange to the toilet paper industry in the early stage, which requires a certain amount of money  time. However, no matter which equipment you choose, it is necessary to make toilet paper to make money It is the sales volume. It is the key to have a set of high-quality toilet paper processing equipment.


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