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                Does automatic toilet paper production line really need no human operation

                2020-05-19 14:29:31

                Now more  more people choose toilet paper production line. After all, efficiency is the core competitiveness of every industry. Choosing highly automated equipment can  only reduce manual operation, but also reduce our cost. Friends who have just contacted toilet paper processing still have some misunderstanding about toilet paper production line. Today, let's take a look Start to understand the toilet paper production line related issues!

                The automatic toilet paper production line usually includes three equipment: automatic toilet paper rewinder, automatic paper cutter  automatic toilet paper packaging machine. The production efficiency of the automatic toilet paper rewinder is higher than that of the ordinary toilet paper rewinder. The pushing function realizes the goal of no need of manual assistance to break the paper. After rewinding a roll of paper, it can automatically rewind the next roll The sliver roll produced is transferred to the automatic paper cutter for automatic cutting. The cutting action is accurate  the cutting surface is smooth. Compared with the ordinary paper cutter, the speed  stability of the paper roll are 50-70 per minute. Moreover, it can be used for many purposes, such as cutting toilet paper round roll, flat roll toilet paper  drawing paper. The automatic tissue paper packaging machine is connected with the automatic paper cutter to cut the paper After the toilet paper is automatically bagged  sealed, only one person can meet the requirements of the whole process, which  only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also saves labor  reduces the production cost! The price of toilet paper production line is affected by factors such as manufacturer  equipment configuration, so when selecting toilet paper production line, you should  only compare data  price, but also go to the manufacturer of equipment in use to compare the quality, speed  stability of equipment configuration.

                the above, we can see that the toilet paper production line still needs people. It only saves labor on the basis of ordinary toilet paper processing equipment, which has high production efficiency. No matter how high the automation degree is, it is impossible for the equipment with higher automation level  to need people. Of course, the machine with higher automation degree can definitely save money  labor wages, but the price of such machines is also relatively high It will lead to a relatively large initial investment. For those who are engaged in small-scale toilet paper processing, it is suggested to consider 1880 toilet paper rewinder in the early stage.



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