Managed Cloud Hosting - Infrastructure as a Service

Razyr is a Canadian company that provides fully managed and secured cloud hosting - networking, servers, storage and cloud consulting services all backed with unparalleled client support. We work with startups and established small to medium businesses who are looking to modernize or securely extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud.

Razyr Wisp – Free Cloud For Startups

Razyr Wisp is our cloud starter program for new Canadian companies. Whether you are building the next big SaaS application or just want to start out right with your corporate IT infrastructure, Razyr is ready to jump start your project

Introducing Razyr rCloud

Razyr rCloud is a unified back end which allows you to sync files, calendars, tasks and contacts between all your electronic devices.  You can also selectively and securely share these same files, calendars, tasks and contacts among coworkers, family or

Cloud Computing – How Ready Is Canada?

With many Canadian companies making the move to cloud infrastructure, one might well question how ready is Canada for cloud based services? To begin, we should look at how well connected Canadians are to online services.   Certainly the core urban