Managed Cloud Hosting - Infrastructure as a Service

Razyr is a Canadian company that provides fully managed and secured cloud hosting - networking, servers, storage and cloud consulting services all backed with unparalleled client support. We work with startups and established small to medium businesses who are looking to modernize or securely extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud.

Cloudwashing – The Internet Is Not “The Cloud”

Journalists and tech writers love to generate new buzz phrases.   Over the years “The Internet” has picked up several monickers:  “The Information Superhighway”, “Web 2.0″ and most recently “The Cloud”. “The Information Super Highway” was a convenient handle  to allow

Cloud Backups For Old Tech

Many Canadian businesses have aging servers and a fleet of desktops, laptops, PCs and Macs which all have one thing in common.   They need to be backed up off-site reliably, securely and regularly.   To meet any kind of

Why Canadian Data Residency is Not Enough

Canadian companies have every right to be concerned about hosting their web sites, applications and storing data in the US.   To address these concerns, some US companies are extending their data centre presence to Canada.  This seems like a