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Visitor or Hacker?

Can your web site tell the difference?

We can!

Ask about customized security solutions for your online endeavors


"All data centres are NOT created equally"

Discover the Razyr Advantage


Bad Ideas:

Cutting your own Hair

$5 Haircuts

Hosting your own web site

$5 Web Hosting


We go to great lengths to secure your email and block SPAM

  • Session Encryption
  • Bayesian Filters
  • Dynamic Black Lists
  • Honey Pots
  • Spam Traps
  • Adaptive Firewalls
  • Custom Scripts
  • Strict RFC Compliance

Not happy with your current tech support?

Call Razyr at 1-866-300-0707

Your Technology Partner

Think of Razyr as a welcome addition to your IT department's capacity.

Decades of IT experience are brought to bear to ensure your organization is achieving maximum benefit from your technology investment.

Consulting Services

We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in North America

We understand business needs and Internet enabled software systems. Let Razyr help you architect your next technology solution.

Employee Training

Technology is changing more rapidly every year. Are your experts keeping up?

Every three years, 50% of the technology you do understand is obsoleted or replaced in some way. What new tech have you mastered today?

Domain Management

Consolidate all of your records and contacts with our Complete Domain Service.

Protect your brand identity while saving money, time and effort. We are an eNom partner and handle all of your domain and DNS needs transparently.

Secure Web Hosting

Is your website on auto-pilot? We monitor + respond to web logs so you don't have to.

Anonymity may be your ally while surfing the web. The hacker group "Anonymous" is not. It's time to get serious about web site security.

Email Management

We don't simply host your email, we help you get it under control - and stay there.

Empower your team by engaging Razyr to recommend or host an email solution to suit your organization. Become productive once again.

Dedicated Systems

Need to commission a new server but don't want the CAPEX of new hardware?

Our private cloud servers provide elevated security, extreme scalability, high redundancy and hardware independence — just for you.

The Data Centres

Make your home the top data centres in Toronto, Los Angeles and Portsmouth UK.

Live on big iron, be close to your customers with fault tolerant, highly scalable IT options from Razyr Networks. Think Geo-divsersity!

Tech Support

Get a prompt intelligent response to your support requests online or by phone.

Your first point of contact will always be someone who can immediately start work solving your problem. No call centre frustration for Razyr clients!