Managed Cloud Hosting - Infrastructure as a Service

Razyr is a Canadian company that provides fully managed and secured cloud hosting - networking, servers, storage and cloud consulting services - all backed with unparalleled client support. We work with startups and established small to medium businesses who are building new applications or looking to modernize or securely extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud.

PHP 5.3 Retirement

PHP is a scripting language which is in broad use for developing web sites and Internet enabled applications.  It is a prerequisite for installing popular packages such as WordPress which many Razyr customers use to power their web site. Like

Enterprise DNS For Every Business

An Explanation of DNS Service Interruptions (March 9th 2015) and Steps To Mitigate Future Occurrences The Domain Name Service (DNS) is probably the least understood and certainly the most neglected Internet service by most domain owners, businesses and even many

The Cloud Via Dial-Up?

US telecom giants are poised to end the neutrality of Internet routing by enforcing slow lanes for non-premium traffic.  In other words, if you aren’t paying for add-on services, your Internet experience is about to take a giant step backward.